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Tailor-made Marketing

Tailor-made for your brand, your audience, your goals.

Thinkhouse is a mighty team of highly skilled creatives, digital gurus and marketing maestros that bring together our experience, expertise and excellence in the vital areas that help you engage with your customers efficiently and with confidence to get the right results.

You’ll get to know us, but more importantly, we’ll get to know you and your brand so that we can deliver marketing solutions that are made-to-measure.


What We Do

We’re an agency born out of a passion for smart design.
We are all about making clients happy by delivering great results.


Create. Inspire. Engage.

Our house is a place where we eat, sleep and think... about your business.

Why Thinkhouse?
We listen and learn about your business. We find your audience, wherever the audience might be. We provide interesting perspectives and inventive ideas, work collaboratively and make the process fun. We work in both B2B and B2C spaces utilizing traditional and digital channels, measuring results and fine tuning strategies. We believe in happy clients and straight talk, without the jargon.

Identity & Branding

The foundation of every successful business or product is its Identity. Developing a clear, memorable brand identity it is the core of what we do. Branding • Naming • Logo Design • Style Guidelines • Corporate Identity.

Mobile & Web Design

We begin with conversations about your audience, industry, and goals. We then design & develop beautiful responsive brand or e-commerce websites focusing on fresh design, content, a pleasurable user experience and a CMS for easy day-to-day management – and we show you how to use it!


The best Social Media strategies are integrated into your overall marketing plan. Then the key is content, consistency, and connection to build a community.


When the RIGHT MESSAGE reaches the RIGHT PERSON at the RIGHT TIME in the RIGHT MEDIUM for the RIGHT PRICE… the SUCCESS of your advertising campaign dramatically INCREASES.

Print Design

Print remains an instrumental element for your brand. Strong creative is key to help differentiate, persuade and remember. Advertising • Packaging • Direct Mail • Corporate & Sales Literature • Product Catalogs • Brochures • Event Support.


From email to mobile to video to landing pages, or Pay Per Click Advertising, Thinkhouse’s team of experts will help develop and execute a tailor-made online marketing plan that will connect your audience and prospects to your website any time, any place. It’s all about measuring your success and ROI.


Build it and they will come? Not exactly. Thinkhouse websites are built for success and then maintained to optimize your ROI. Thinkhouse’s SEO/SEM experts will ensure your business is being found.


Photography? Check√ Casting? Check√ Copywriting? Check√ We’ve got your back.

Thinkhouse Residents

We are a group of authentic, passionate professionals who love what we do.

Joyce and Adam Bank founded Thinkhouse in 2007 as a natural extension of their symbiotic skill sets derived from over 2 decades of Creative Marketing Experience working on both the client and ad agency side of things and for many brands that are household names. Accomplished in their own spheres, they bring just the right combination of detail, fresh thinking and ownership to every project, with the client’s best interest in mind at all times. Together they have actually created, written or designed litterally thousands of projects for hundreds of brands! It's true! :)


Why is it that we kill two birds with one stone rather than save two cats with one ladder?Think About It...
Why is a bra singular and panties plural?Think About It...
Does milk come out of a cows nose when it laughs?Think About It...
Why do we call it a building, when it’s already built?Think About It...
Why does the early bird get the worm, but good things come to those who wait?Think About It...
Why isn’t palindrome spelled the same way backwards?Think About It...
Why is it the night falls but day breaks?Think About It...
Why is it that whether you sit up or sit down the result is the same?Think About It...
If procrastinators had a club would they ever have a meeting?Think About It...
2 wrongs make a right but don’t 2 lefts make a u-turn?Think About It...
How can someone draw a blank?Think About It...
Does killing time damage eternity?Think About It...
Why are they called apartments when they’re all stuck together?Think About It...
Do crabs think we walk sideways?Think About It...
What is another word for thesaurus?Think About It...
Why doesn’t glue stick to the inside of the bottle?Think About It...
If practice makes perfect and nobody’s perfect… why practice?Think About It...
Why do they call it lipstick when you can still move your lips?Think About It...
Can fat people go skinny dipping?Think About It...
What do people in China call their good dishes?Think About It...
If #2 pencils are the most popular, why are they still #2?Think About It...
How do you get off a non-stop flight?Think About It...
Why do you drive on a parkway and park on a driveway?Think About It...
How is it your nose runs but your feet smell?Think About It...
What was the best thing before sliced bread?Think About It...
Why do they call it a TV set when you only get one?Think About It...
Do people in Australia refer to the rest of the world as up over?Think About It...
Why is the third hand on a watch called the second hand?Think About It...
If athletes get athletes foot, do astronauts get missile toe?Think About It...
What if the hokey pokey is what it’s all about?Think About It...
If Fedex and UPS were to merge would they call it Fedup?Think About It...

Our Work

Whether you are a small or large business or one that hasn’t even launched yet, we craft effective branding, print and digital solutions for clients in any industry.


East End Elegance / A Marriott Hotel Property


South Of The Sound / A Marriott Hotel Property



Ad Campaign / Case Studies / Copywriting / Identity / Online Marketing

Paul Evans Catering

Ad Campaign / Copywriting / Identity / Online Marketing / Web/Mobile-Design/Dev

J&A Spa

Ad Campaign / Copywriting

Faith Guitars

Ad Campaign / Copywriting

Heinrich Gill


Martin Greenfield Clothiers

Ad Campaign / Copywriting / Web/Mobile-Design/Dev

Four Seasons Sunrooms

Ad Campaign / Copywriting / Photography

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"You guys do great work!" - Love Mom.

What? Moms don’t count? Lucky for us some people with credentials feel the same way.  We’ve won a slew of American Graphic Design Awards, been covered in Print Magazine Design Annuals and even sprinkled in a bunch of Boli Awards in fancy colors like Gold, Silver and Bronze, to name a few.

Click a logo and see what our clients have to say!

  • “Thinkhouse team: thank you for excellent work and quick turnaround. The quality was outstanding — remarkable! We also appreciate your support of our work in the community. There are a few good advertising agencies, but it is a rare gem that blends professionalism with thoughtfulness.”

    - Owner, Great Whites Dentistry & Orthodontics -

  • “Thinkhouse has proven themselves to me to be a trusted business partner & advisor with an instinct for knowing their client’s needs. They know when to push, when to contribute and when to listen. They are enthusiastic, accessible, reliable and full of great ideas! Thinkhouse’s unique approach is truly working in a collaborative way to achieve a common goal. They deliver a clean, spot on look to every design challenge we give them and they have a solid understanding of branding that creates the desired image and effect.”

    - VP Marketing, Four Seasons Sunrooms -

  • “We are thrilled with our new web site! Adam and Joyce at Thinkhouse exceeded our expectations in every way. They are an extremely creative group and presented great ideas based on our discussions. They were also extremely patient with me during the process. They worked quickly to get our site done and there were never any hidden costs. Working with Thinkhouse was a very positive experience for us and I highly recommend them to any company that needs a modern website or other marketing materials that clearly communicate their service or product.”

    - Owner, -

  • “Adam and Joyce were instrumental in creating Headroom’s look and branding. Great creative from great people!”

    - President, Headroom Digital Audio -

  • “Adam and Joyce were key to the development of our brand, Rich & Famous Eyewear. From Day 1 they were there to help guide us through the developmental process in creating our website, logo, etc. They are very informative in terms of content and industry studies, always have concrete evidence to back up every point and idea. On top of all that, they are there to be your friend and help you grow.”

    - DG, Rich & Famous Eyewear -

  • “Thinkhouse is the perfect combination between creative design and marketing strategy. They think out of the box and provide creative solutions to every project. They have a positive, can-do outlook and the highest integrity. Adam and Joyce are extremely personable and treat every client as if it was their own company, brand or product. A winning combination to have on your team.”

    - Principal, Targeted Transitions -

  • “Thinkhouse is a phenomenal company. Their simplicity mixed with their stunning design and brilliant creativity is unparalleled. I am so happy I found them, because nobody else can do the work they do. Thanks a lot for all your amazing work!!”

    - Executive VP Business Development, & -

  • “Joyce is definitely one of the sharpest folks you will ever have the pleasure of working with. Organized, creative and a true pleasure to be around. Her influences help drive some of the finest, award-winning creative. I highly recommend her both for her professionalism and personality.”

    - Owner, IdeaSource -

  • “We hired Thinkhouse to redesign the logo for our camp and to rewrite and design our brochure, among other projects that are in the works. Throughout each process, Thinkhouse is extremely helpful, attentive and creative. They are great at helping us think through ideas in a three dimensional way, and bring them into reality.”

    - Director, Camp Alvernia -

  • “Thinkhouse has been our marketing agency for almost 8 years now and I have nothing but good things to say about them and the work they have done for us. As the name implies, they are definitely creative thinkers and good partners in our digital and marketing efforts. In addition, their design sensibility is stellar and they are technologically sound, and we love our new website! Most importantly, the results and increase in leads we have received from our Blog and SEO program have been outstanding. I would not hesitate to call the team at Thinkhouse for any of your marketing endeavors.”

    - Vice President, Bloomsburg Carpet -

  • “Thinkhouse has been a great addition to our team. We really value the quality and customer service they provide and look forward to continued success with them in the future.”

    - Marketing Operations Manager, KORG USA -

  • “Thinkhouse is my first stop for fresh, smart, eye catching and effective design. I find great comfort in knowing I can count on them for consistent, high quality design and attentive personal service.”

    - Director Of Marketing, Connolly Music -

  • “Throughout my years at NFL Properties, J. Walter Thompson and now Cliff Freeman & Partners, I have come to rely on Joyce and Adam’s input, insights, resourcefulness and creativity. Over the years we have consulted on concept, design, strategy, and execution. Simply, they make me better at what I do.”

    - Director of Studio & Print Production, Cliff Freeman & Partners -

  • “Adam has helped Kodak’s efforts in branding ourselves within our targeted markets … In one instance, we needed to change our overall look and approach from previous years and ensure that it spoke to the MTV aesthetic … Adam achieved exactly what we needed.

    - Advertising Manager, Eastman Kodak -

  • “Having been in business over 35 years, we’ve worked with a lot of marketing agencies big and small. No one has come close to Thinkhouse. Adam, Joyce and their team are invested in our success and are always proving that by keeping us top of mind suggesting creative ways to market ourselves to stay ahead of the curve. Working with Thinkhouse for over 7 years has truly been a pleasure and it gives us peace of mind knowing that they are on our side. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for a solid marketing/creative shop.”

    - Owner, Denny's Childrenswear -

  • “Thinkhouse has been integral to the success of our marketing program.  They have taken our amateur ideas and created finished products that are sleek and of the highest professional caliber.  While they never fail to achieve what we need, the award winning end results are better than we could have even dreamed!”

    - Business Development Manager, WT Shade -

Thinkhouse Gives Back

We believe in helping our neighbors and improving our environment. Here’s a small sampling of what we do:


Volunteer in Haiti to help rebuild homes with Partners In Development


Bankstock: our live music fundraising event


Annual New York State Beach Clean-up on behalf of the The American Littoral Society

House Guests

We’ve been fortunate to work with great brands and great people. Close partnerships with really cool clients allow us do the kind of work we do best. Whether they come to the house for a visit, a meeting or a nosh, we always hope our clients come in and make themselves feel right at home.


We’d love to chat with you and see how we might be able to work together.
To arrange a meeting, give us a call or use the form below!
20 Connelly Rd, Huntington, NY 11743



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Attention Business Owners and Marketing Directors:
Are you ready to kick it up a few notches? We look forward to providing creative solutions for your business. Please use the form below or email us and we’ll get back to you in a jiffy!

Attention Talented Marketing and Design Professionals including:
Designers • Digital Marketers • Strategists • Copywriters • Web Designers & Developers • Account/Traffic Managers
Our House is expanding and so is our roster of Full Time Freelance Strategic Partners. Send us a note with some work attached if you are interested in being considered for freelance work.

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